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Orange Pistachio Date Paste Cake

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Gluten-free & Vegan

Are you craving the perfect balance between zesty and sweet with the perfect nutty tinge? Karamele's nutrient-rich and high-fibre Orange Pistachio Teacake is just what you need. Guess what? It’s healthy too!

This scrumptious teacake is baked with Sorghum and quinoa flours using renowned Nutritionist and Dietician Kanupriya Khanna’s special recipe. Sorghum and quinoa flours have high protein content, fibre and antioxidants while having a low glycemic load.

What’s more, refined sugar is substituted with organic jaggery, making this teacake the perfect iron-rich, immunity-boosting, gluten-free and vegan treat! The best of both worlds!



Refrigerate and consume within 2 days for best taste experience

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