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Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

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Trying to satisfy those intense dessert cravings while eating healthy?

That’s how we roll at Karamele with our indulgent Cinnamon Rolls. A fluffy pin-wheel of dough flavoured with a sprinkle of aromatic cinnamon and organic jaggery!

These delights are made with love using sorghum flour as per renowned Nutritionist and Dietician Kanupriya Khanna’s special recipe! Sorghum is an ancient grain with high protein content, fibre, antioxidants and micronutrients that promote brain function and bone health while having a low glycemic load.

What’s more, it’s free from any additives such as potato starch, corn flour, xanthum gum, etc.

The dough is sweetened with organic jaggery instead of refined sugar, making the Cinnamon Rolls the perfect iron-rich, immunity-boosting, gluten-free and vegan treat!


Sorghum flour, Yeast, Organic Jaggery, Rice bran oil, Vegan Chocolate


Refrigerate and consume within 2 days for best taste experience

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